Our Strategy

Matumaini Counseling provides in-depth, “wrap-around” mental health counseling with clients and those who care about them.  “Wrap-around” service coordinates treatment planning with community organizations, schools, social services agencies and criminal justice agencies.  It provides a range of counseling modalities, such as art therapy, recreational therapy, individual and group therapy, and family therapy.  It provides workshops and summer camps on athletics, community building, and alternatives to youth gang violence.


  • To assist clients in understanding the inter-connectedness of despair and hope.
  • To assist clients in developing and strengthening internal endurance (that is, the client’s ability to tolerate the disruption and suffering that often accompanies positive interpersonal development  and change as one grieves the past and move on).
  • To assist clients in understanding the importance of positive relationships as a client and his family begin to heal.

Our Values

Respect, Accessibility, Collaboration, Passion, and Education.


Matumaini Counseling Brochure


James P. Norris

James Preston Norris has a passion to give back to his community by using his experience, training, and skills in providing mental health services to male youth in Seattle’s inner city. He feels a responsibility to help others reach their goals as others helped him reach his.

Lydia L. Dews

Lydia L. Dews, Esq. has been involved in community association building since her childhood. Ms. Dews has served her community and her country. Her education and research in the area of psychology, law and business is complementary to helping develop programs that will benefit others.

Noreen Weihe

Noreen Weihe is graduate of Seattle University, she hold a Master of Psychology, or MA, degree. She provides psychotherapy for adults, teens, children and couples in the Madison Park area.

Steen Halling

Steen Halling is professor emeritus at Seattle University where he has taught graduate and undergraduate psychology courses since 1976. He is a licensed psychologist and a co-founder of the Psychotherapy Cooperative, which provides low cost psychotherapy to the community.

Lisa Douglass

Lisa has a degree in Early Childhood Education and taught in a private center in downtown Seattle where she also acted as assistant director. In 2010 she passed the National Exam for Professional Coaching and immediately began Ignite Your Life, a company that facilitates self-awareness and personal growth workshops.

Twyla Carter

Twyla Carter is the Misdemeanor Practice Director for the King County Department of Public Defense. Ms. Carter oversees all misdemeanor casework across the four divisions to ensure best practices, caseload distribution, and resource allotment