Jerry Evergreen


Jerry Evergreen received his BA from Seattle University in Psychology in 1988. He continued at Seattle University receiving his Masters in Clinical Psychology in 1990. He has worked for 20 years in the community mental health system in the Seattle area. His primary focus has always been the impact of trauma on adults, adolescents and children. For 11 years he worked as the Director of Family Counseling and Clinical Director at the Center for Human Services in Shoreline Washington. Jerry has focused on developing an approach that includes individualized treatment plans that focus on hope and understanding of the individual’s life experience. This has enabled him to be successful in developing community with people who are excited about helping and being helped in a community mental health setting. Jerry received the Community Service and Advocacy Award in 2012 from Seattle University’s Existential-Phenomenological Therapeutic Psychology (MAP) Program. In helping to establish the Mirror Image Counseling Service, Jerry has blended his understanding of how the community mental health system works in Seattle and a desire to build a community mental health approach that focuses on hope and healing in the individual.