Lisa Douglass


Lisa has a degree in Early Childhood Education and taught in a private center in downtown Seattle where she also acted as assistant director. After she had her first child, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Over those years, she dedicated herself to volunteering in the classroom as well as on P.T.A. boards, particularly in the areas of fundraising and facilitating smooth transitions for new families. Within this period she was also influential in opening a prosthetic and orthotic company, which is still going strong today. Because of new circumstances in 2008, she went back to school and in 2010 she passed the National exam for Professional Coaching. Immediately after graduating, she began a small business called Ignite Your Life in which she facilitates group workshops in self-awareness and personal growth. Clients describe her as being a deep listener with an insightful and deeply compassionate nature. Her main strengths are empathy; facilitation and her ability to both connect with others and to help them see the connections between their actions and their relationships. She have an overwhelming resilient side as she has had to overcome many challenges in her own personal life, which she has come to consider to be a blessing. She believes in the philosophy of Matumaini Counseling Center and hopes to assist with its growth.