Lydia L. Dews


Lydia L. Dews, Esq. has been involved in community association building since her childhood. She volunteered at the Veterans Hospital during the summers; and learned useful skills while also interning as a teenager for a legal services organization advocating for the disenfranchised. Lydia has more than two decades of legal experience. As a lawyer, her practice has included medical malpractice, family, wills/estates, business and real estate. She considers herself a trial attorney but uses collaborative and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms whenever appropriate. Ms. Dews has served her community and her country. In the military she hones skills to make her a better communicator, advocate and investigator. Her education and research in the area of psychology, law and business is complementary to helping develop programs that will benefit others. She has served on several professional and community oriented boards of director to include a six year stint on the Texas Supreme Court’s Rules Committee, where along side some of the most brilliant legal and ethical minds she helped to develop rules that were adopted and implemented as Codes of law. Ms. Dews enjoys hiking, water sports and traveling. Her other passion is writing, filmmaking and being of service to others.